Severe 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Japan

Severe 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Japan

The south of Japan was hit be a severe 7.8-magnitude undersea earthquake that has been felt across the country.

The south of Japan was hit be a severe 7.8-magnitude undersea earthquake that has been felt across the country. 

The powerful and extremely deep earthquake, at a depth approximately 660 km, which struck Japan at 20:30 local time and shaken buildings  in Tokyo on Saturday, was centered 543 miles from the capital.

For about a minute all Tokyo’s structures swayed as the earthquake grew in intensity. Despite that no serious damages have been reported and there was no tsunami alerts as well.

In spite of a huge amount of people, suffering injuries after falling, had been calling to the Tokyo’s fire department, no fatal incidents have been reported. Besides, a power cuts appeared on the Shinkansen high speed train line between Tokyo and Osaka, according to Reuters reports. The majority of Tokyo’s trains stopped for safety checks and as a result the crowds of commuters were formed around some of the city’s busier stations.

It shook violently. Our Buddhist altar swayed sideways wildly.

– stated a resident of the island of Hahajima, Michiko Orita, about the earthquake and added that he had never experienced such frightening minutes in his life as those.

This was a very big quake… the shaking was felt over a broad area… fortunately, because it was deep, there is little danger of a tsunami.

– said Naoki Hirata, representative of the University of Tokyo’s earthquake research center.

Japan remains one of the most seismically active area in the whole world.

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