Save the Birds

Save the Birds

It is believed that birds use stars to navigate but very often they can be distracted by electric lights. This distraction often leads to many birds’ deaths: they tend to crash into the buildings.

New Yоrk is gоing to turn оff unnecessary lights in оrder to help birds migrate in spring and autumn.

It is believed that birds use stars tо navigate but very оften they can be distraсted by electric lights. This distraction оften leads tо many birds’ deaths: they tend to crash intо the buildings.

“Fatal Light attraction” is the phenomenon which by scientists’ estimation kills about one billion birds per year in the U.S.A.

Majority of birds migrate through New York along the Atlantic flyway route so that New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, said on Monday that between 23:00 and dawn all bright lights will be turned off. That is going to last during autumn and spring.

Some famous New York landmarks have already signed up to the National Audubon Society’s Lights Our programme. Those landmarks include the Rockefeller Centre, Time Warner Centre and Chrysler Building.

Mr Cuomo said that this is a simple step to help to protect migrating birds that go home to New York’s forests, lakes and rivers. He also mentioned “I Love NY Birding” website that will give all information about the birds and participation in the Lights Out initiative.

The National Audubon Society is already working with other cities like Baltimore, San Francisco and Chicago.

The most affected birds by the fatal light attraction are warblers, thrushes and sparrows. Local birds are less affected because they learn where they can fly safely.

The professor of ornithology and conservation biology at Muhlenberg College, Daniel Klem, told the BBC last year that the fittest members of the population could die exactly the same way as a weaker birds. He said that we may be killing some extremely important members of the population that would be instrumental in maintaining health.

Earlier this month famous novelist Jonathan Franzen expressed his criticism towards the developers of a Minnesota stadium as they neglected to use a special glass that may reduce clashes.

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