One more Panda killed by poachers

One more Panda killed by poachers

Chinese police deterred a group of men that has been suspected of killing a panda.

Chinese police deterred a group of men that has been suspected of killing a panda.

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White Panda

Police detained 10 men that are being suspected of killing a wild panda, which is strictly prohibited by the law as wild pandas are one of the species that are at a threat of extinction. Police received an information about the fact of illegal selling of panda’s meat. Further investigation and laboratory tests proved the horrible truth, as said in the official report.

One of the employees on the Police Department in Yunnan, the judicial science director, Shi Qin said that at first they didn’t believe their eyes and sent the samples back to the laboratory for the second test that also confirmed the fact that it was panda’s meat.

Police imprisoned seven of ten suspects and the other’s were arrested formally. Two main suspects, the Wang brothers made a confession that they didn’t intend to kill panda, and they were shooting at the ‘unknown big animal’ on the tree. When they found out the truth, they sold the meat of total weight 35 kg and panda’s paws for nearly $800.

Panda’s skin at suspect’s home

During the investigation, after the search in Wangs’ apartment, police found the leftovers of the poor animal: panda’s skin, parts of the skull and other leavings.

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