Texas storm injures 26 people and causes significant distructions

Texas storm injures 26 people and causes significant distructions

Late Sunday a ferocious storm injured at least 26 people and became a cause of serious destruction in Texas town of Van. A Tornado warning had been issued in the area by the National Weather Service a little bit earlier that day.

Before the storm hit the warning sirens could be heard. Fire Marshall Chuck Allen said later on Monday morning that there were no deaths in the city. Before destruction in Van, one person had died in Eastland County, Texas, the previous day.

ATVs have been used by emergency workers to help wounded, who later were taken to area hospitals, according to Allen. He also estimated that approximately the third of Van was entirely damaged because of the storm. He stated there were different levels of damaging that varied from completely or partly destroyed houses to trees and power lined down. He also added that a main responsibility of  emergency responders was to locate and identify any injured human being.

The first Baptist Church was offered as a shelter by the Red Cross, which took its part in helping the emergency officials. A triage area was set at the church, where the wounded were taken by rescue teams on foot or with ATVs.

The second storm started at about 10.30 p.m. and then immediately sounded a siren alarm to make sure that  emergency officials in the field took cover, according to the Van Fire Department. They said the open area wasn’t safe and urged everybody to stay away and off the roads as well.

Early Sunday, a tornado had also struck Delmont, a small South Dakota town. Nearly 20 building were estimated to be damaged there. Delmont had neither power, nor water, nor telephones, however no serious injuries were detected.

Through Lake City in Iowa also swept powerful storm that ripped a roof of local high school. Mayor Gary Fahan said that people, who were inside, left the building when they heard the tornado sirens, adding that there were no wounded.

One person died and another was critically injured during the tornado that rushed at Eastland County, Texas, on Saturday, claimed the local fire department.

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