Teenager is going to save our planet

Teenager is going to save our planet

The 14 years old Colorado teenager, Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, rallies young generation around the world to protect the environment.

The 14 years old Colorado teenager, Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, rallies young generation around the world to protect the environment.

The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet, because the planet doesn’t need saving; we do

– Roske-Martinez says.

This ambitious young boy is already the director of Earth Guardians, the organisation of active and environmentally aware people, who understand that not all nature resources are renewable and sooner or later our descendants will face the much bigger amount of problems than we are facing now.

People from different countries, different tiny corners of the world connect and become involved in environmental activism. Together they launched a huge variety of projects, the main aim of which is to show humanity that even smallest act from their side will lead to a huge profit for the planet.

Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez with his younger brother created a new way of dancing – an eco hip-hop – and besides of that they produced a few songs  like “What the Frack?” and “Speak for the Trees”. That way they’re trying to deliver the main purpose of their activity in a way that is fun and accessible for other young adults.

At the moment, there are Earth Guardian teams in 25 different countries around the world. Their projects concern the each one’s own region, but the fundamental work is based on the problems of a planet as a whole.

On Sunday in Togo, West-Africa, a tree planting were organised and after that – a celebration in anticipation of Earth Day. Also, last summer in Australia a Youth Environmental Awareness Day was held. The New York group holds a weekly night youth meetings at a farmer’s market. Altogether, their work not only helps the environment, but unites the young residents of different countries, erases the borders between nations.

Despite his young age, Roske-Martinez had already spoken in front of world leaders at United Nations forums and earned the 2013 “Youth Change Maker of the Year” award from President Obama.

This year he will join the National Geographic Arctic expedition to study melting of the ice cap and changing the sea level as a result.

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