$5m for tortures of the Chicago police

$5m for tortures of the Chicago police

A lot of innocent people were forced to confess to the crime under different kinds of torture, such as beating, simulating Russian roulette, electric shocks and smothering.

A lot of innocent people were forced to confess to the crime under different kinds of torture, such as beating, simulating Russian roulette, electric shocks and smothering.

$5.5m of reparations package was approved by the Chicago City Council to be given to the victims of a brutal and heinous detective crew, which tortured numerous of mainly African-American detainees. Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Major, called that period one of the darkest in the city’s history.

Approximate number of victims hasn’t been estimated yet, but it is already known that up to 80 complainants could have the right for award of around $100,000. Besides, the city promised to teach schoolchildren about this horrible scandal and formally apologized.


Jon Burge was a former police commander and a gang’s chief at the the same time, when he had been in charge of Area 2 headquarters on the city’s south side since 1972 till 1991. In 2011 Burge was sentenced for hiding the truth while testifying in a civil case for about four-and-a-half years of imprisonment. At the moment he is a 67-year-old man, who lives in Florida and continues to gather a Chicago police pension of $54,000 a year. Due to Illinois Supreme Court, prosecutors could not deprive Burge of his retirement fund.Chicago Police Commander Arraigned For Perjury In Torture Case

One of the former members of a gang, Anthony Holmes, is one of those, who claim to be tortured by Burge. In 1973 he was taken to the police department and afterwards severely tortured by other detectives, who hooked him up to an electrical box and pulled a bag over his head. Also, he said he was repeatedly shocked until he confessed to a crime, a murder, he assured he hadn’t committed.

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