Parents sue school claiming that WiFi in the building made their child ill

Parents sue school claiming that WiFi in the building made their child ill

Parents sued the private school in Massachusetts, claiming that their WiFi network made their child sick.

Parents sued the school in Massachusetts, claiming that the WiFi network in the building cause the sickness of their child

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The institution that appeared in the center of the scandal is the Southborough private Fay School.

The boy, as appeared later, was placed an electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) diagnosis in the hospital. It means that he can suffer from an accidental headache, nosebleed or even loss of memory if he’s near the device that emits electromagnetic impulses e.g. WiFi or cell phones.


In 2013, the institution installed a new WiFi network. allegedly more powerful than the previous one. But the officials of Fay School deny accusations, saying that the new network emits the signal of the same level as the old one. The school also hired experts to measure the level of the signal. And experts haven’t found any violations of the governmental regulations.

If the judge decides to fulfil the demands of the family, the youth will be taken from school to another one and the institution will have to pay $250,000 to the family. But the attorney of the claimants said that the two sides are searching for the way to make out this situation bloodlessly e.g. lowering the WiFi signal in the classroom where the boy is studying or to change the whole system to ethernet.

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