Look at the terrible conditions, prisoners live in

Look at the terrible conditions, prisoners live in

Look at the terrible conditions, the prisoners are being held in

Lawyers started a case against Baltimore city prison this Tuesday.

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Lawyers opened the case as an answer against terrible conditions, that exist in the City Detention Center in Baltimore.

Prisoner's bed

Prisoner’s bed

In the statement, lawyers from different organizations agreed in the thought that the prison is a dark and unsafe institution, where the prisoners are being kept in unclean cells with infections. The attorneys also added that the conditions of the cells remained like this for almost half of a century despite regular promises from the authorities of Baltimore.

As another example of the conditions, attorneys described the showers in the prison as very dirty and full of rust. They also added that personal sleeping places of the detainees are in the awful condition as well and the control of the climate in the cells is inhumane as the air in the cells is being overheated and the level of humidity is above normal that leads to different diseases and a minimum of 13 people that died in the prison over the last years could have been saved.

The shower

The shower

The case also contains materials about more than 20 people that didn’t receive the needed treatment and died because of the wrong diagnosis or wrong medicines.

The court process has been started in 1964 and nothing has been done since then to improve the living conditions of the imprisoned people.

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