A Missing Dog Returns Home

A Missing Dog Returns Home

10-year-old Yorkshire terrier saw his 14-year-old owner at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. An animal control worker handed the dog to Karisa Lambert.

A dog owner, a teen girl from Louisiana, burst into tears after her favorite pet that was missing about 4 years returned home. 

10-year-old Yorkshire terrier saw his 14-year-old owner at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. An animal control worker handed the dog to Karisa Lambert.

Girl’s father told ABC News that he was so happy for his daughter. He added that the last four years had been really tough for their family as they both had lost very close people. He admitted that this situation was the best thing that had ever happened to Karisa.

United Airlines greeted with balloons and some drinks. Lambert said that when the dog called Sam saw his daughter, he recognized her and went towards her right away.

When girl turned 4, her uncle gave her a as birthday present little cute dog. Sam escaped in 2011 after he went through a hole in their fence. As the dog had microchip in it, father knew that someone had taken him to Iowa. The whole family was waiting for someone to return Sam home. But only after 4 year passed family finally got a hope. On April 14, an animal control officer in Cedar Rapids in Iowa brought homeless dog to shelter.

According to the press, the Yorkshire terrier looked well but his weight was just 5 1/2 pounds. Animal Care and Control staff defined that dog had a microchip. The next day dog’s owners received a message from workers of Animal Care and Control staff, saying that their dog had been finally found.

Lambert is a disabled fireman. He started to raise money to bring his pet home to Louisiana. But as a result, family raised about $255 with the help of GoFundMe fundraiser and United Airlines agreed to pay for Sam’s return home in first class with the worker. All collected money is going to be used for Sam’s treatment.

Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control program manager Diane Webber said that this situation made them all really happy and now they know that miracle does exist!

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