Top 10 worst plastic surgery celebrities

Top 10 worst plastic surgery celebrities

All famous people are struggling to look great in front of public. But sometimes those attempts may have serious consequences.

The list of worst plastic surgeries among celebrities.

All famous people are struggling to look great in front of public. But sometimes those attempts may have serious consequences. The most popular way to get more beautiful is plastic surgery. In fact, many stars became more beautiful due to operations on their faces. But, very often surgeries make the situation worse. So, here is the list of those celebrities.

№1 Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace used to be a famous fashion model, but she never considered herself to be pretty enough. To get more beautiful she endured a lot of plastic surgeries on her nose and lips. As a result, she didn’t get more attractive. Anyway, you may judge on your own.


№2 Tara Reid

Tara Reid became really popular after the American Pie. She used to be a very good-looking young girl, who had millions of fans around the world. She had breast and lips surgery. The actress also spoiled her belly and now it looks like some kind of disease.

№3 Heidi Montag

She is a famous US singer, fashion designer and TV personality. Actually, she endured face plastic surgery and became the first victim of frozen face.

№4 Daryl Hannah

An American actress Daryl Hannah has done a lot of plastic surgeries, like face and brow lift. She filled her lips and cheeks. And she never admits it. But let’s see.

№5 Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is believed to endure a lot of plastic surgeries. She has done breast surgery, brow lift, fat grafting and others. Due to the fact that she hasn’t heave anything untouched she may be called the Queen of plastic surgery. And she is not ashamed of it, in contrary, she always tells the truth about it.

№6 Michael Jackson

The King of Pop was probably the most popular singer in the world. But he was also well known for the plastic surgeries he had made. He changed his skin color, after the operations his nose almost fell off.

№7 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is a famous porn star. To become one, she has done a lot of surgeries on her body. For example, she changed the shape of her nose, she increased her breast. But unfortunately, the porn star was a victim of allergic reaction. As a result, her lips are almost completely destroyed.

№8 Latoya Jackson

Michael Jackson’s sister has much in common with her brother – numerous surgeries. She has changed her nose and cheeks.

№9 Cayetana Fitz

Cayetana has done some surgeries on her face. She could have become an actress or a model. But she was more popular for her failure plastic surgeries.

№10 Jocelyn Wildenstein

She used to be one of the most beautiful women is 70s. Her husband left her and went to a Russian model. In order to have him back, she began to do surgeries on her face. And the result is shocking.


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