The most expensive places to hold your wedding at

The most expensive places to hold your wedding at

Check out our top 5 most expensive and therewith most prestigious places to get married at

Check out our top 5 most expensive and therewith most prestigious places to get married at.


The wedding day is one of the happiest and most expected days in our lives, so usually people aren’t used to scanting money on it. The average newlyweds in the USA are planning to spend nearly $31,000 on their love day. However, the costs on everything, begining from wedding dress and ending the rent of cafe vary much in different states.
Wedding magazine The list of average expenses spent on the ceremony can vary much in each part of the wedding plan. Notably, that the biggest differ is around $60,000. The most expensive costs fall under the venue rent, and it usually consists of nearly 45% of total budget.

So now, let’s take a look at the 5 most expensive places to get married at.

  1. Manhattan
    Those of you, who will decide to get married here, will have to spend in average nearly $76,000. And it’s not a surprise as Manhattan is considered to be one of the biggest cities in the country, therefore being the most expensive one to live in as well. The happy couple will have to spend $181 on each guest, that is almost thrice as much as the average value across the country, $68. On the other hand, you’re getting one of the best wedding places, one of them is the Statue of Liberty, of course.
  2. Chicago
    Second place in our list is being taken by the city near the Lake Michigan. One cannot say that it is the cheapest place to get married as the average price for a place to get married her lies near $50,000. But don’t be cheated by the lowest price than in Manhattan, as other items for the wedding are expensive here as well. Chicago can offer you many breathtaking views from hotels and resorts, so you’ll definitely remember your wedding for a long time.
  3. Philadelphia
    Philadelphia can lure the happy newlyweds with their low average wedding cost, $109, at the same time offering popular wedding places like the Pyramid Club or the Morris Arboretum. Though other items are expensive here as well and many of these are placed in the top 10. For example, the wedding photographer will cost the couple nearly $3,306 that is higher than the medium value in the country, and the average wedding price is around $44,000.
  4. Rhode Island
    This state may be the smallest, but it is definitely one of the most expensive places to tie the knot as the average price to get married here lies around $41,000. And it’s not a surprise because this sum is definitely worth spending to get married at the Eisenhower House. But this state can offer you cheaper prices on other wedding items, as, for example, the wedding planner price is around $906, that is cheaper than the medium price of $1,000 across the country.
  5. San Francisco
    Surprised? Well, you should be, as the average income in this area is bigger than the average value in the US. Despite the high income, one will have to spend slightly more than $40,000 to get married here though some of the wedding plan items may cost incredibly high here due to the high cost of living. For example, the services of the officiant will cost $353 while the medium price nationwide is only $266.

But, don’t forget that no matter where you’re going to get married, it’s you who all the guests will be looking at.

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